Recap on Comparisons.

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I thought I should do a small recap on comparisons as this might aid greatly during the sentences forming part in the exam.


You are richer than me – Anda lebih kaya daripada saya

His child is bigger than mine-Anaknya lebih besar daripada anak saya.

I prefer playing badminton to tennis-Saya lebih suka main badminton daripada tenis. 

This matter is more important than that-Perkara ini lebih penting daripada perkara itu.

Kereta saya lebih besar daripada keretanya. (My car is bigger than his.)

Dia lebih gemuk daripada saya. (He is fatter than me.)

Kasut ini lebih mahal daripada kasut itu. (These shoes are more expensive than those.)

Adiknya lebih pandai daripada dia. (His younger brother/sister is cleverer than he is.)

Bahasa Malaysia lebih senang daripada Bahasa Perancis. (Bahasa Malaysia is easier than French.)
Emak saya lebih tua daripada emak anda. (My mother is older than yours.)

Rumahnya lebih jauh daripada rumah saya. (His house is farther than mine.)

So as Cikgu Sew had taught us,you only have to put “lebih” before the adjective to turn it into the comparative case. Thus:
close = dekat    closer = lebih dekat
rich = kaya       richer = lebih kaya
big = besar       bigger = lebih besar
good = baik      better = lebih baik
strong = kuat   stronger = lebih kuat
difficult = susah    more difficult = lebih susah

Cikgu Azam had gone through these with us during tutorials;

The Superlatives.

closest = yang dekat sekali
    richest = yang kaya sekali
    biggest = yang besar sekali
    best = yang baik sekali
    strongest = yang kuat sekali
    most difficult = yang susah sekali
or you put the adjective after “yang paling” eg.
    closest = yang paling dekat
    richest = yang paling kaya
    biggest = yang paling besar
    best = yang paling baik
    strongest = yang paling kuat
    most difficult = yang paling susah.




 Terima Kasih!






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